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As much as possible, any relational therapeutic work should take place in person. Psychodynamic therapy is an interpersonal process and is hugely dependent on the embodied physical presence of the client and therapist. Unfortunately there are currently additional concerns to contend with in this regard.   


My approach to safe practice during the pandemic is as follows:


  • All equipment and instruments are sanitised before and after the session. Hand sanitiser and wipes will be available throughout the session. 

  • Safe physical distance will be adhered to, however, clients may require physical support in accessing the instruments; ensuring the therapeutic process can develop with as little limitation as possible.  


  • Where possible, the wearing of face masks should be avoided if all concerned parties feel safe to do so. Mask wearing is not conducive to psychodynamic relational work due to the importance of facial expressions. 


  • Sessions will not commence if either client or therapist display any symptoms related to COVID-19.  


  • Virtual sessions can be arranged via zoom or skype if physical work cannot take place.


Please get in touch if you wish to discuss how yourself or anyone else can access the service safely during this time.  I am open and flexible with regards to ensuring clients can access my service and am working to the most recent guidelines on close contact working that can be found here:

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